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Exploring Emotionally Complex Landscapes: A Review of Farzana Doctor’s Stealing Nasreen

Stealing Nasreen is Torontonian author Farzana Doctor’s first novel, but the second book I’ve read by this interesting combination of psychotherapist and writer.  I read and reviewed Doctor’s Lambda award winning second novel, Six Metres of Pavement, last summer.  I … Continue reading

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Not Your Usual (Rural Canadian) Lesbian Romance about Women in Their 60s: A Review of Lois Cloarec Hart’s Walking the Labyrinth

BC-born and Calgary-based Lois Cloarec Hart’s novel Walking the Labyrinth is the first romance I’ve ever read.  As someone who usually reads so-called literary fiction (not that I don’t have more than a healthy amount of criticism of the standards by … Continue reading

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“The heart has never surfaced more queer”: A Review of Emilia Nielsen’s Poetry Collection Surge Narrows

I wish I had had queer poet Emilia Nielsen’s collection of poetry Surge Narrows when I was land-locked and stuck living in Onterrible (I say that with love, I promise).  Maybe it would have been too painful, though, to be reminded … Continue reading

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An Ass-Kicking Sleuthing Heroine Who Needs a Queer Feminist Makeover: A Review of Ian Hamilton’s The Wild Beasts of Wuhan

Maybe it’s just me, but when I pick up a novel featuring a Chinese-Canadian lesbian protagonist written by a straight white man my guard is immediately up.  So I admittedly came into The Wild Beasts of Wuhan with quite the … Continue reading

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It’s Brash, It’s Weird, It’s Everyday Canadian: It’s Nancy Jo Cullen’s Short Story Collection Canary

Nancy Jo Cullen’s short story collection is the epitome of what I love about Canadian fiction: it’s brash, it’s ordinary, it’s clever, it’s rooted in place, it’s focused on everyday characters, it’s weird.  To top all of this off, it’s … Continue reading

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Hold a Piece of Magic in Your Hands: A Review of Mariko and Jillian Tamaki’s Graphic Novel Skim

In the spirit of the Wiccan main character, I declare Mariko and Jillian Tamaki’s Skim to be utterly magickal. It’s dark, and beautiful, and heartbreaking, and sad, and perceptive. Skim has a wonderful balance of teenage angst, earnestness, and heightened … Continue reading

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Mostly a Struggle: A Review of Marion Douglas’s Dance Hall Road

I can’t lie: reading Marion Douglas’s novel Dance Hall Road was a struggle.  I guess I might as well admit upfront that I skimmed and selectively read my way through the last hundred pages or so.  I did faithfully read … Continue reading

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